Enchant Your Romantic Days with Your Better Half at Cheruvathur

Nowadays people are so busy with their daily chores that they hardly find time to spend with their better half. Planning an exotic trip with your better half will help you to overcome all your stress and tensions. After marriage, both the couples will be completely engaged in their professional and would not find any time to enjoy and celebrate their romance. To avoid such circumstances most of the couples soon after their wedding starts to think about their honeymoon. Planning a honeymoon trip soon after marriages will definitely strengthen their relationship. To free yourself from all kinds of tensions and stress it would be good if couples chose scenic places. There are many places in Kerala that are known to be a haven for romantic couples. Most of the couples would be familiar with the popular tourist destinations but only a few will have knowledge about the serene places. The northernmost district of Kerala known as Kasargod lures travellers from various corners by its beguiling beauty and picturesque landscapes. Cheruvathur town is one of the least visited towns in the district. As tourist do not gush much into the iconic destination you can enjoy the solitude and calm ambience to its full extend.


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Cheruvathur is one of the most scenic and fabulous places in Kasargod district in Kerala. When compared to other places in the district, Cheruvathur does not carry captivating towers nor does it offer ample chances to practise adventure activities. But the amusing serene nature and astounding natural wonders make the destination a favourite spot for the travel enthusiast. The magnificent beauty of the emerald surrounding cannot be described in mere words. The name Cheruvathur was initially originated from the word ‘Cheriya path oru’ which means ‘small 10 places’. The other factor that made the region so famous is, it is known to be the birthplace of the famous Malayalam poet of the 19th century called Kuttamath. As honorary to his works, the authorities renamed the town as ‘Kuttamath Nagar’. The alluring environment of Cheruvathur propels newly married couple to enjoy their honeymoon days. Let us narrow down the following paragraphs and learn the scintillating places in the district.

Veeramala Hills

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When you hear the name hill the image that runs into your mind will of the breathtaking mountain. But when you think about the Veeramala all your hypothesis will be melted. Veeramala is one of the smallest hills in the district. From the top of the hill, you can not only capture the stupendous views of the amazing surroundings but also can go back to ancient days. The hill shelters the ruins of an ancient Dutch fort of 18th century. The Kariangode River cascading down from the valley adds beauty to the hills. Hundreds of people visit the iconic place and click romantic pictures by purchasing the tour packages.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

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Valiyaparamba backwaters are one of the largest backwaters in northern Kerala. The tranquillity and shallowness of water attract not only nature lovers but also newly married couples. Houseboats are known to be the best Garden of Eden for romantic couples. Sailing in the traditional houseboat will not only help you to be close to nature but also will provide a perfect platform to spend quality times. While enjoying the serenity of nature you can also taste the scrumptious delicacies prepared in Kerala style. You can traverse the nearby coastal village bordered with tall coconut trees swaying in the cool breeze. When availing of tour packages do not forget to inculcate the outstanding island located on the shores of River Tejaswini. You can buy several natural products at cheap price from the local vendors seated on the main port.


Like Cheruvathur and Valiyaparamba, Kotapalli is not so famous tourist destination. The region is surrounded by thick tall trees. Apart from the serene nature the place shelters year-old masonry tomb of an Arab sage whose history is unknown to local. But it is said that all the prayers and murmur of the broken heart people are heard quickly. So couples when you visit the place surrender you wishes and prayers unto the powerful Arab sage.

Cheruvathur Viewpoint

If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the lush green forest and calm nature gush to the Cheruvathur viewpoint. The region carries numerous wonders of nature. The attractive viewpoint is situated on the national highway to Calicut. Even though the viewpoint lacks resting chairs many travel enthusiast flock to the region to learn the serenity of nature and also to capture the eye-soothing images into the high-resolution camera. Viewing from the viewpoint you may feel the buses and other vehicles as small box running through straight road.

Make a visit to the fabulous tourist destination near to Cheruvathur. The most famous mind-blowing place near to the town is Achamthuruthi Island. Some people believe that the Achamthuruthi Island situated in the middle of the Thejaswini River is actually the part of the Cheruvathur town. The island is famous for its fascinating beauty. The island is an upcoming tourist destination in Kerala. Traverse through the longest footbridge of the state connecting Achamthuruthi to Kottapuram. You can enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of the region by purchasing boat cruises at cheap rates and joy the cool breeze ruffling your hair when the coconut groves situated on either side sway. The other noteworthy attractions near to Cheruvathur are the Bekal Fort. It is the best instance of ancient days. You can indulge in beach activities at Bekal beach with your better half. Do not forget to visit the cultural town of Kasargod known as Neeleswaram.

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Traverse the Lanes of Kottayam with Your Dear Ones

Kerala popularly known as God’s own country is a heaven of natural wonders. Hundreds of travellers every year visit the iconic state and marvel their hearts by viewing natural resources. Words are insufficient to describe the stupendous beauty of the state. The state comprises of 14 districts and each district is known for its unique beauty and traditions. For example, the cultural capital of Kerala is known as Thrissur. Likewise, Kottayam district is known as ‘the city of letters’ and is the only district that gained the cent per cent literacy in Kerala for the first time. There are many ways to explore the mesmerising beauty of this serene destination. The speciality of Kerala is that the place can be explored by purchasing tour packages at cheap price. The trip can be memorable if you accompany your dear ones. The district is not only famous for educational institutions but also for pilgrim centres. Many travellers’ wishes to traverse the lanes of Kottayam district but always fail without knowing how to start. Therefore I would like to dedicate the document to the enthusiastic travellers to explore this scintillating district of Kerala.

As mentioned earlier the district is known as ‘the city of letters’ it gave birth to many eminent writers for the Malayalam language such as Vaikom Mohammed Basheer and so on.

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When people hear the name of Kottayam the first image that runs into their mind is none other than the pilgrim centres dedicated to the saint Alphonsamma at Bharananganam. Followed to it one could find many prominent pilgrim centres like Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple and so on. The district also shelters the famous Poonjar Palace.

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Don’t think that the place carries only spiritual centres and your trip will be a kind spiritual journey. It is nothing like that Kottayam also presents an array of exhilarating hill stations like Illikkalkallu, Vagamon, Ilaveezhapoonchira, and so on. Illikalkallu is one of the mind-blowing hill stations in the district. It is famous for its stupendous hills. The hills of the regions carry a peculiar shape. One of the hills carries the shape of an umbrella and it is known as ‘kudakallu’. The hill resembling the shape of hunchback is widely known as ‘koonkallu’. The breathtaking hill station is situated at a height of 3300 feet from mean sea level.  It is also said that the hill station carries rare medicinal herbal plants called ‘Neela Koduveli’. It is believed that the plant carries supernatural power. The Illikalkallu hill is generally seen in sapphire colour because the Neela koduveli is blue in nature.

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Over there one could see the bridge to hell or ‘narakapalam’. From there, adventure enthusiast can move to the other outstanding hill station called Vagamon. It is known as the paradise of romantic lovers. More than the families it is the newly married couples that select Vagamaon as their destination to celebrate a honeymoon. The place is the perfect place to study paragliding. The tea meadows of the Vagamon serve as a perfect backdrop for clicking lovely photographs. Illikaakllu and Vagamon are the perfect destinations to practise trekking and other adventure events.

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How the beauty of Kottayam could would be complete without mentioning the presence of backwaters. Actually backwaters add beauty to the district. The convenient mode of exploring the backwaters is to sail in the traditional houseboats. Houseboat cruises are available in various parts of the district. Usually sailing in the houseboat will help to learn the exotic marine life and will help to enjoy the scintillating beauty of emerald nature. While travelling in the houseboat you can not only circumnavigate Kottayam district but also the neighbouring districts like Alleppey. When sailing in the houseboat do not forget to visit the famous Chavara Bhavan, and Kuttanad paddy field located in Alleppey district and also the Munroe lighthouse.

The district shelters the famous bird sanctuary called Kumarakom bird sanctuary. It protects more than 100 of various kinds of birds belonging to different species. The perfect time to watch the birds and to enjoy their melodious chirp is by visiting the sanctuary from June to August. If you want to catch the glimpses of migratory birds the best time is the month of November. At that time try to avail of treehouse packages so that you can capture the fascinating images of the forest.

Near to Kottayam, travellers could also see a natural archipelago called Pathiramanal. The locals of the Island are particularly engaged in fishing and farming activities. The fishermen love to catch the fishes using ancient fishing techniques. Strolling through the paths of Pathiramanal one could come across the traditional lifestyle of common people. Travellers could drench in the scintillating waterfalls at Maramala. The water cascades from a great height and mesmerises each and every traveller. The Maramala waterfalls are popularly known as ‘enchantresses of the jungle’.

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There would be no one who doesn’t know about the Sabarimala pilgrim centre. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. It is said that there is an easiest way to reach the Sabarimala from Erumeli, Kottayam. From Erumeli it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the pilgrim centre. Has anyone heard about driftwoods? Probably the answer would be No. Driftwoods are nothing but formed by the reaction of tidal waves and currents over hundreds of years. The driftwoods carry lovely images of human beings, birds and animals. All these could be seen in Bay Island Driftwood museum at Kottayam. The museum is run by a lady who lived in Andaman and Nicobar islands for several years.

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Does anybody know what the occupation of the local people of Kottayam is? It is nothing but agriculture. They cultivate different kinds of crops and mainly focus on rubber plantations. Visitors during their trip can view the local men moving to rubber estates early in the morning and collecting rubber milk and so on. They export the rubber products not only to other districts of Kerala but also to other states of the country and earn good profit from it. By reading the above paragraphs if you think Kottayam is the best destination to celebrate weekend holidays or mini-vacation avail of tour packages from Dream holidays. They formulate packages by inculcating jaw-dropping destinations and including adventure activities like trekking, kayaking, boating, paragliding and jungle safari.

Celebrate a Remarkable Holiday at Vembanadu Lake

Bengaluru or Bangalore is the dream destination of every IT aspirants in India. Most of the youngsters opt computer science or electronics for their graduation degree and try their best to grab a job in Bangalore so that they can lead a good standard of living for the rest of the life. It is said that Bangalore is one of the best places in India to enjoy both luxurious as well as comfortable life. It is only place in the nation that gives a plethora of opportunities to explore the modern world. For the initial few months, most of the youngsters may enjoy the modern ambience of the city. But as days pass they may get frustrated with the chaos of the city life, stress from the office and neighbours and many more make them irritated. Later they will be in search of places that could gift them enough peace and joy. Most of the metro people like to choose places such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and so on to enjoy their weekends. But selecting those places will empty your pockets. To them let me ask a question Why don’t you select places that are eco-friendly and cost-effective? There are many places in the nation that serves as a paradise for stressed people and one such place is Kerala, the neighbouring state of Bangalore. Kerala is an abode of natural resources. Every year more than thousands of travellers visit the state to enjoy the serene beauty and relaxes their minds in the calm ambience. There are many places that are imbibed with natural resources. To capture the stupendous beauty of the scenic nature many national and international travellers avail of tour packages at cheap prices to the state. The famous holiday destinations in the state are Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Bekal fort, Beypore, and so on. There might be only a few who haven’t visited the hill stations. But it is quite sure that most of the travellers would not have stepped into the houseboats that sail in the backwaters. Houseboats are the modern cruises that move through the backwaters of the state. Backwaters are mainly seen in southern districts of Kerala. In ancient times the houseboats were used for selling products from one place to other. Later understanding the scope of houseboats and backwaters in enhancing the tourism in Kerala, authorities inculcated the houseboat voyages in the tourism. The famous backwaters that enable the tourist to enjoy their holidays are Vembanadu Lake, Ashtamudi Lake, Achnakovil Lake and so on. Vembanadu Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state. It offers wide choices to indulge in nature activities. In the following sections, one could learn more about Vembanadu Lake and its nearby noteworthy attractions.

Vembanadu Lake is famous for its turquoise waters and sapphire beauty. The lake is mainly situated in the Alleppey districts. The lake is known in different names in various regions. In Kottayam, it is known as Vembanadu Lake and in Alleppey, it is called as Punnamada Lake. In the city of Kochi, it is called Kochi Lake. Does anybody which is the best method to explore the scintillating beauty of the lake? It is none other than the houseboats. Most of the people who visit the state will definitely dedicate at least 2 to 3 hours in exploring the backwaters. Strolling the nature-oriented places will be the most highly demanding activity for the metro people especially from Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. As aforementioned the metro cities might satisfy all the needs and desires of the human beings but it cannot refresh one’s mind with the latest technology and that is the main reason why metro people flock to nature-oriented places like Kerala by budget tour packages at cheap prices. Now let us come back to the point. Most of the people love to witness the beauty of rising and setting of the sun and hence try to capture the same avail of the houseboat packages for the night and enjoy the calm ambience of nature with the little ray of light originated from twinkling stars. Along with it some of the houseboats will entertain your hearts with classical dance performances and enlarge your little tummy with delicious traditional food items. Soon after viewing the sunrise travellers can start their exploration. First, they can move to the famous bird sanctuary situated at Kumarakom the sanctuary shelters hundreds of lovely and innocent birds and also a few species of migratory birds. Some of the famous birds that are seen over there are Brahminy kite, cuckoo, flycatcher, egret and so on. People always comment that the sanctuary is a haven for bird spotters. In the Kumarakom village, travellers could interact with many local communities by sailing in the kettuvalloms. There are many regions associated with the lake where large houseboat could not enter. Sitting in the canoes and rowing the blades will offer you remarkable moments. Also, you can spot small kids engaged in playing games such as ‘kuttiyum kolum’, ‘hide and seek’, ‘hitting marble stone’, and so on. Followed to travellers could move to visit the most popular island called Pathiramanal Island. In Malayalam language Pathiramanal means ‘Sands of Night’. The archipelago is known as the haven for nature enthusiasts. Travellers could embark beautiful birds in the crystal clear sky. Over there one could spot local fishermen catching the catfishes with bare hands. Visitors can soothe their eyes by viewing the lush green forest and serene nature. The peculiarities of these places are that they are not so popular as other tourist destinations in the state. Hence travellers hailing from crowded places could relieve their stress and tensions in these remote areas.

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5 Adventurous Things to do for Couples Honeymooning near Trivandrum in Kerala

How about venturing out into the deep ocean along with your significant other and get mesmerised by the marvels of the underwater sea or climbing high up the top of a mountain and feeling that cool breeze that takes both of you to another world? Sound exciting, right? Well, if you had planned of honeymooning at these parts of God’s Own Country, you as a couple could try out all these adventures together to take a break from the stereotypical honeymooning ideas. Given below are the adventurous things to do for couples honeymooning near Trivandrum.

Indulge in Scuba diving in Kovalam

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Do not hesitate to make that adrenaline rush by venturing out to the sea along with your partner by scuba diving, by noting them in the list of must-do activity in your honeymoon trip. The popular and the lively beaches of Kovalam in Trivandrum could be perfect for this purpose. Moreover, underwater activity can be both safe and challenging at the same time. If at all anyone of you are trying scuba diving for the first time, you do not have to shy out as you may ask your scuba instructors to take you to shallow seawaters. Favourably, Kovalam is one such coastal stretch in the state where the marine life is rich even in their not-so-deep seas turning out to be just perfect for the first-timers. So when you are indulged in such an enthralling activity with your favourite person, you both are going to witness the beauty of underwater sea together.

Go trekking at Pandipathu Ecotourism spot

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Being a part of the Peppara Wildlife sanctuary, the dense forest covers coming under them do comprise of a diverse population of flora and fauna. Trekking across the forestry paths along with your adventure-loving partner could offer you those golden chances to catch a glimpse of them in close quarters. You will be compelled to cross various small streams flowing out of nowhere in that lush greenery. Before you trek, be prepared to face the sudden entry of absolutely unexpected wild animals right in front of you and due to which you don’t need to be panicked by sighting them. However, the distinct beauty of the hilltop alters during peak summer seasons and there are chances of getting these animals out of their inhabited space to the open spaces. So before turning your situations riskier, it would be better to rely on the tour packages arranged by the state tourism department even if they may not be as engaging as budget honeymoon packages in Kerala. In the former, you will not be required to take that extra permission from the concerned authorities.

Do skydiving with your partner at AMAS

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When we had talked about diving deep into the sea for acquiring that fun and doing anything different in your honeymooning, you could also think of indulging anything as crazy as jumping hundreds of feet above the ground. Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports based in Trivandrum could make this possible and also they must be a visit sight if you are a challenging travel enthusiast. From high up the sky, you could witness everything beneath at a bird eye’s view. Also, the speed at which you both are fallings towards the ground is going to thrill you. Besides, you may test your partner, if they are having that guts to give a try at least. If yes, you are one among the lucky adventurous who has got still another way to go further together by engaging in such thrilling challenges all through your life. Moreover, this particular skydiving should not be missed if you are on a vacation in Trivandrum, as of now, the activity can only be availed from this AMAS in the entire state.

Mount up the Agasthyakoodam hills

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Trekking up to the huge hills is the whole new source of amusement for the women trekkers out there, as their entry to these sacredregions were banned earlier. But once they were opened after putting away those restrictions, their rush had been increasing ever since then. So without any further hesitation, you both together climb up the Agasthyakoodam hills and experience that unique natural ecosystem which can be seen nowhere else. The hills are around 6129 feet about the sea level so, once at the top of them, you both could behold all those greenery of the tea plantations beneath. Concerning the steep rock and the dense cover of wild shrubs and other dense trees are really going to challenge your trekking skills and thereafter your endurance. Spending your precious moments of togetherness at such dire situations could strengthen your that special bond in between you and your partner.

Watch that Horror magic at Magic planet

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Although this may not sound all that adventurous, watching such kind of stuff with your beloved at this distinctive place in Kerala for honeymoon could be an ‘out of the box’ thought. Also from the exteriors of this recreational centre in the outskirts of Trivandrum city in Kazhakoottam, they may resemble any children’s park. But in reality, they are not so. At the interiors, the sights are going to be nerve-wracking. Outside the Magic Planet, at the video park, you will be fantasised by their Mirror Maze, Traditional Indian Magic, Intimate Magic and many more such interesting things. In this final point of the adventurous things to do, you both may get entertained and relaxed after that rigorous and exciting trips.

Listed here are the places and the adventurous things to do while honeymooning here down at the southernmost district of Kerala, in Thiruvananthapuram. If you and your partner are willing to explore more, head to those equally exciting locations such as Wayanad, Vagamon and Munnar and just feel it. You would feel like returning to the place every now and then, by not halting merely at your honeymoon. Also for making your trip hassle-free and enjoyable, you may contact the popular tour operator, Dream Holidays who could make all of these possible without losing the very zeal behind them. Moreover, they have various honeymoon tour packages covering all the major tourist destinations of the state. You could avail their services at most affordable rates by contacting them online or merely ringing them up. 

Thalassery – A Perfect Place for Newly Married Couples to Celebrate their Honeymoon

Kerala is a land of unique culture and heritage. More than lakhs of people survive in this small state with various religions and caste. The state is always being appreciated for its cent per cent literacy.  There was a time when people feared to visit the state and explore its untouched beauty and charm. And the main reason was the presence of wild animals and poisonous reptiles. More than the wild animals the state was once ruled by superstitions. The over belief in superstitions ruined many innocent lives. Through the strong defensive movements taken by the powerful kings and many social reformers, the state got a good image. Slowly the state started to grow in various sectors. Like any other state and nation, Kerala also concentrated on the tourism sector. The state very well knew that to enhance the economic stability one will have to showcase the awesome serene nature to the world. The main two factors that helped the state to boost their economy are unexplored hill stations and Ayurveda treatments. It is through the Ayurveda treatments thousands of travellers from various corners of the world started to visit the state. Through them, the state gained publicity. Now not only the international travellers, by many Indians from various parts of the nation avail of tour packages to enjoy the beguiling nature. Many people select the state for their ‘mini-vacation’. Nowadays many newly married couples decide to celebrate their golden and most awaited honeymoon days in Kerala. The reason is none other than captivating hill stations and luring backwaters. The state is a paradise for adventure lovers. It is believed nearly 40% of the places are yet to be explored. Who knows you will be the lucky person to get the title of discovering hidden place! So get ready for the title. Now let us come to the point. In this document, I would like to introduce the most famous place situated in the northern parts of the state called Thalassery. It is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Kerala. The city is famous for its mouth-watering Biryani. Can you imagine hundreds of people flock to the place only to relish the scrumptious Biriyani! From the following paragraphs, we could learn some interesting facts about Thalassery.


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Thalassery is one of the captivating towns situated in Kannur district. The district is famous for its political activities. Thalassery is also known as ‘Tellicherry’ – which means ‘the starting of settlements’. The word has been derived from the Dravidian language. Thalassery was once a trade hub for Dutch, Portuguese, French, Arab, Chinese and Europeans. The place is also prominently known as ‘the city of 3 C’s’- cakes, circus and cricket. There would be no traveller in the district who would return to his homeland without tasting the delicious sweets and meals. Thalassery cuisine is an amalgamation of Arab, Indian, Persian, and European styles of cooking.

Thalassery Tourism

What enhanced the economic stability of the district is the 3c’s. Thalassery is very proud to be known as the land of the first cricket ground in India during the colonial period. Many people from various corners used to reach the place to catch the glimpses of cricket and also to explore the magnificent charm of nature. Lord Arthur Welsley inaugurated the first cricket town club in Thalasserry in 1850. The town still hosts Ranji trophy cricket competitions. In the year 2002 they celebrated 200th anniversary of the town cricket club.

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The place is also the birthplace of circus companies like Gemini, Bharath, and so on. Keeleri Kunhikannan known as the ‘father of Indian circus’ was born in this place. And the final category is the bakery shops where one could savour varieties of sweets made in various styles. Unnakkaya, Kallumakkaya nirachathu, falooda, Malabar beef roast and so on are the popular sweets and dishes available in the avenues of Thalassery.

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There are many places in Thalassery that creates heaven for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon days. Couples who avail of tour packages to Kerala will not regret as there are many mind-blowing places in the town which can be explored at cheapest rates.

Dharmadan Thuruth is a small Island lying in the middle of Arabian Sea. Couples by sitting under the shadow of coconut trees can share their feelings and emotions. It is also a home to migratory birds. Near to the Island lies the famous Muzhappilangad beach. It is the only beach in Kerala where travellers are allowed to ride bikes and other vehicles. And the eye-catching attraction is the Dharmadam beach.

Thalassery fort or Tellicherry Fort is an ancient monument situated on the beaches of Thalassery beach. It is a rocky cliff. It was built by the British in the year 1703 to show their imperial powers. For many years until getting freedom the foreigners used the fort for their official matters. The fort is built in square shape using laterite stones. Associated to the fort lies the famous sub-collector’s house, Brenenn cemetery and St. Rosary church. The fort has played a vital role in Pazhassi Raja movie in the Malayalam language.

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Thalassery piers were built in olden days when large ships were unable to land the shores. Now it has become one of the major piers in Kerala.

Gundert Bungalow is one of the praiseworthy attractions in Kannur. It is the place where writer Dr Herman Gundert made the first Malayalam Dictionary during the period 1839 to 1859. Now the residence is a training institute for technical courses.

From the above paragraphs, you might have understood the important noteworthy places in Thalassery. So what are waiting for? Hurry up. Grab the packages as soon as possible. There are many travel operators in Kerala to explore the magnificent charm of the state to purchase the packages from Dream Holidays. They formulate packages at cheap rates for customers. You can contact their 24 x7 customer support team to clarify your doubts. Accompany your friends to enjoy your trip.

The 4 Stupendous Museums of Andaman and Nicobar Island

Museums are the places where one could read the unread pages of history. Just consider if there were no museums or emporiums how we could understand the typical lifestyles of ancient people, the equipment they used and so on. Learning history is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may like it and some may hate it. But most of the people love to stroll the museums even the history haters. That is the power of exhibition centres. No wonder why people say visual communication is more powerful than verbal communication in some circumstances. Traversing the avenues of museums will bring you closer to history. Without understanding the epics of olden days no one could bring changes in the present situation. Just as each country shelters a museum Andaman and Nicobar island also comprises not only one but five! Where countries showcase their powerful weapons, attires, utensils, furniture, writing equipment, decorative items and many more in the museum, the islanders of Andaman display the fossils of extinct terrestrial and aquatic species. And also they exhibit the various kinds of equipment they used for angling and hunting. As we all the island is also occupied by nomadic tribes and if possible travellers could see their special ‘weapons’ in the museum. Every year hundreds of travellers tour the island to explore its charming beauty and also to understand their past by visiting the museums. While talking about museums how could I forget to mention the infamous yet captivating national museum of the island called Cellular Jail? There would be no traveller who winds up his or her tour without visiting the cellular jail. It was the place where many brave and courageous freedom strugglers were imprisoned during the colonial period. Cellular jail is an inevitable part of every Andaman and Nicobar tour packages. So now let us narrow down the following paragraphs to learn more about museums on the island.

Cellular Jail

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Famously known as ‘Kala Pani’, cellular jail is situated in the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Island. The construction of massive cellular jail started in the year 1896 and ended in the year 1906. Many eminent freedom fighters like Vinayak Damodar Sarvakar, Yogendra Shukla and Bhattukeshwar Dutta spends their last days of life in the jail. Inside the jail, the freedom fighters were tortured mentally and physically, some prisoners were forced to face inhuman conditions. Many were hanged to death. Years passed many portions of have been destroyed. Later the Indian government took the initiative and declared it as a national museum. From then onwards everyday a light and sound show are telecasted in the jail to the public in order to provide a glimpse of the past. By buying an entry pass travellers could traverse the museum and be part of the freedom fighter’s life.

Forest Museum

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Have ever heard about a museum dedicated to trees? I am sure the answer would be NO. But one such museum is present in Andaman and Nicobar Island that shows different artworks done on trees and plants. Travellers from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Mumbai visit the place to capture the scintillating images of artefacts formed from expensive trees such as paduak, timber, oak, gurjan, satinwood and so on by purchasing tour packages. When you hear the word forest museum I am sure you might have thought it would be constructed in the midst of the forest, isn’t it? But it is not like anything. The museum is actually built inside the Chatham sawmill! The favourable time to visit the forest museum is from November to March.

Samudrika Naval Museum

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Samudrika Naval Museum is popularly known as Fisheries Museum.  It is located at a distance of 9 km from Port Blair. The museum can also be called as an aquarium. It protects various species of marine organisms such as coral reefs, shells, and so on. It clearly exhibits the marine ecosystem, and aquatic plants and many more. The museum is classified into five sections such as anthropology, history, geography, marine life, and tribal. The first section showcases volcanoes, tribal settlements, insects and type of forests. The second part displays various collections of marine fishes. The third section displays marine formation. The penultimate section displays various collections of tribal settlements and various types of seashells. The final segment is home to a variety types of butterflies, reptiles like snakes and currencies used during the war and many more. The museum is run by Indian Navy. Inside the museum, one could also visit a small zoo. It shelters saltwater crocodiles of Haddo. Along with it, visitors could see the skeleton of the blue whale inside a glass box. The favourable time to visit the samudrika naval museum is from November to February. And the visiting time is from 8.30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Anthropological Museum

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The Anthropological Museum is constructed with an aim to gain information about the tribal settlements prevailed in the Andaman and Nicobar Island. The oldest tribal group that lived on the island are onges, sentinels, jarwa, nicobarese and so on. The Zonal Anthropological Museum was constructed in Port Blair in 1975. The museum displays various materials such as equipment, handicrafts, tools, attires, ornaments, utensils, weapons and many more. The aim of the museum is to give a brief knowledge about the lifestyle led by the extinct Palaeolithic groups of Andaman. They also telecast documentaries and short films related to ancient people, their lifestyle, social customs and many more.

From the above information, you might have understood how much importance the islanders give to the museum. While strolling through the museum travellers could update their knowledge and also become part of ancient culture and tradition. If you really want to visit all the important places on the island at cheap rates and in the comfortable mode without any doubt you can avail of tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel. They draft packages by giving importance to customer’s desires and expectations. To enjoy your trip purchase the tour packages before it expires.

Celebrating a Fabulous Honeymoon at an Unexplored Destination – Kumbalangi

“So you guys got married! Now what’s your plan about the honeymoon? Have you selected any places for your romantic trip”? Such questions would be frequently heard by all the newly married couples. To proudly say we also fall in that group. More than us it was our family and friends who were very eager to send us for a honeymoon trip. Whenever we visit our relative’s house the first thing they ask us was about our honeymoon. Now it has become a custom of uploading honeymoon pictures on various social media websites. It has been half a year none of our outdoor photographs was available on any social media. And this irritated our relatives and buddies. We were finally put up with them and hence decided to plan a fabulous honeymoon. When anybody hears the word fabulous romantic trip, the first image that will appear on their mind will be a short tour comprising of more than 2 or 3 days. Such trips are possible to the couples whose companies are generous in providing leaves. But as we were both IT professionals getting leave for 3 or 4 consecutive days was practically impossible. Therefore we decide to cut short our honeymoon days. We organized our honeymoon trip on weekends and that too in our own state, Kerala. To our luck, the very next Monday was a public holiday in Kerala. Now the most important section of the tour comes. It is nothing but finding a perfect destination for weaving our romantic tales.

Honeymoon usually happens soon after marriage and it is done to break the wall of differences between each other. But for us even without going for honeymoon we became closer. The main purpose of a honeymoon for us is to get relief from all kinds of stresses and tensions. When we hear the word honeymoon the few destinations in Kerala comes into our minds are Munnar, Kumarakom, Thekkady, Kollam, Wayanad, and Silent Valley and so on. But unfortunately, we both have visited almost all these destinations during our school and college life. So we both did not want to revisit these places again and spoil our vibes. We were started to surf on the internet for the least explored destinations. Our surfing did not give us any good results. We were really disappointed. We had no idea what to do? At that time my hubby switched on the TV and accidentally we got the chance to view the famous Malayalam movie called ‘Kumbalangi Nights. The serene nature, tranquil backwaters dazzling at night in blue colours, palm-fringed trees swaying in the cool breeze and local people engaging themselves in traditional works and so on lured our hearts. The picturesque landscape propelled us to select the Kumbalangi for our honeymoon. Now comes another hurdle. It is related to travel operator and packages. We were totally confused about whose packages should be selected. We discussed our honeymoon plans with our close friends. They introduced the travel operator called Dream Holidays. It was for the very first time we were hearing the name of Dream Holidays. We were reluctant to purchase their packages but our friends shared many testimonials of the travellers who availed their packages previously. We were impressed with the testimonials and hence decided to avail of their packages.

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As we were permanently residing in Kerala we decided to travel by train so that we could reduce the transportation cost. Hence while purchasing the honeymoon packages we excluded flight charges and made it affordable and cheapest. We get down at Ernakulum station. It is one of the busiest stations in Ernakulum and mainly because of the IT Park – Infopark. It took more than a couple of minutes to escape from the crowd the moment we stepped down from the station our tour guide was eagerly being waiting for us with name cards on his hand. He greeted us with a garland and asked us to follow towards the cab. As we were proceeding we were designing several images of cabs in our minds. To our surprise, a white coloured swift desire was desperately waiting for us! We entered into the cab. Just like the exterior, the interior of the cab was well-conditioned. We were astonished by its facilities. Inside the cab, our tour guide became the driver. Kumbalangi was located at a distance of 15 km from Ernakulum railway station. The moment we reached the destination the fresh cool breeze stole our tiredness and made us energetic. At the reception, we saw many newly married couples were waiting to enter their details on the computer. We had already demanded a room in the floating resort. As per our request, we were allocated the same. The speciality of the floating resort is it’s one of the floors of the three-tier resort is underwater. We relaxed for a while and by evening we started our exploration.

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Kumbalangi is a hamlet surrounded by backwaters. Sailing on a cruise helped us to become a part of nature. Nearly 40 Chinese fishing nets could be seen in the place. The backwaters are enriched with aquatic organisms such as prawns, oysters, and crabs and so on. We along with expert fishermen did angling. It was really a wonderful experience. Even though the small Island is well connected to town through tarred roads, no one is interested to utilize it. All rely on houseboats. More than the locals it is the foreigners and national tourist who loves to sail in houseboat cruises. It is always said that ‘when you are in Rome you should be a roman’ and it is cent per cent true. We also wore the same kind of dress as the locals had worn and started to weave coconut husks with the ordinary people. They use these weaved coconut husks for thatching roofs. Followed to it we visited the famous ‘Kalagramam’. Over there ancient fishing equipment is kept. As aforementioned, the place became famous through the movie- Kumblangi Nights. In the movie, the presence of bioluminescence is well shown. It is known as ‘Karavu’ in the Malayalam language. We were also very keen to observe the magical illumination in the water hence we waited till late evening to witness it. Like us, many newly married couples were also there to catch the glimpses. We captured its photograph as well as video and saved in our phone.

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On the next day by afternoon, we left our home town. Thank you Dream Holidays for making such a wonderful itinerary.

An Old Photograph that Took Us to Mannarkkad

It is being a long time that my mother-in-law visited us. Usually, she used to be with us for more than half a year. But this time as my sister-in-law (brother-in-law’s wife) is carrying she found difficult to share her presence equally with two sons. It was when her 2nd daughter–in –law went to her own house for delivery she came to visit us. More than to me my kids are affectionate to their paternal grandmother. Soon after my delivery, I joined my office and I was so busy with my stressed office schedules that I hardly found out time to spend with my munchkins. It was my mother-in-law who filled my void in their life. In most parts of the world daughters-in-law always hate their mothers-in-law. But I am very proud to say that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law. My kids were so thrilled when they knew their granny is returning after a short vacation. They were overwhelmed with joy. On Friday evening she reached our town. My husband went to the railway station to pick her. The moment she stepped into our house my kids encircled her and she bought them into her control by offering sweet candies and crispy and spicy potato wafers. She got refreshed and after scrumptious dinner, we all sat in the living room and started to converse. As she was meeting us after a long time she had to ask as well as share many stories with us. It was clearly reflected on her face the happiness of becoming granny for the third time. While biting potato wafers she shared some intriguing incidents took place in our village. We really had a wonderful evening with lots of fun. When we elders were busy with our conversation the younger ones were tackling the mess in her handbags and carry bags. While putting things outside they suddenly came across a beautiful photograph of serene nature and some pictures were taken in front of shops which were named in the Malayalam language. We basically belong to Hyderabad and we all wondered how Amma got a relation from Kerala. My elder kid asked her which is that place and has she visited it before? With a smile on her face, she took the photograph from him and stared on it for a minute and told us her childhood friend Sita married to Kerala years ago. Decades ago she visited her with grandpa and the picture was taken at that time. From her words we all clearly understood, she misses her close friend. My kids asked her where that serene nature is exactly located. It is situated in Mannarkkad in Palakkad district in northern parts of Kerala. My second child asked her to share some intriguing facts about Mannarkkad. Whenever her grandchildren demand something she never used to refuse. She took the bail by saying that she may not be able to recollect all the interesting places in Mannarkkad but will try the best. As they visited the place soon after marriage the tour to Kerala was really fascinating and memorable for them. She started to explain about Mannarkkad and its peculiarities.

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She told that Mannarkkad is considered as a ‘gateway to the silent valley’. With fifty thousand population,Mannarkkad town is one of the fastest-growing towns in Kerala. The place is adorned with breathtaking hill stations and amazing species of wildlife.  The valleys of Mannarkkad are sandwiched between two shallow rivers called Nellipuzha and Kunthipuzha. Positioned at the foothills of the Western Ghats the place got the name from Manarkkadu Nair Veedu. Manarkkadu is a combination of soil, river and forest. Cinnamon, plantain, rubber and pepper are widely cultivated in the regions of Mannarkkad. It is always said, Mannarkkad is a perfect destination for rejuvenation and relaxation. Amma also told that she visited Kerala by purchasing tour packages at cheap prices. One by one she started to memorize the important places in Mannarkkad.

Kanhjirapuzha Dam

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To meet the household and irrigational requirements a dam was constructed on the banks of Kanhjirapuzha River. The dam is located at a distance of 13 km from Mannarkkad town. The dam is decorated with Vakkodan hills. The bare Vakkodan hills are enveloped with emerald plantations of tea and spices. The dam is an exquisite place to learn fishing using coracles. Fishing is done in commercial scale with the help of the fisheries development programme. Another praiseworthy attraction is the Kanhjirapuzha gardens.

Silent Valley National Park

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Silent Valley National Park is located at a distance of 20 km from Mannarkkad town. Silent Valley National Park is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. My husband told that in 2012 the UNESCO declared the famous Silent Valley National Park as a world heritage site.

Meenvallam Waterfalls

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Amma asked her kids whether they like to see water cascading from a great height? Together they said ‘yes’. Meenvallam Waterfall is a perfect instance of the same. It is positioned at a distance of 20 km from Mannarkkad town.  To enchant the marvel of the waterfalls, it is always said to visit the place soon after rainy seasons. The water flowing through Kallikode hills is basically originated from Thuppanadu River.

By saying this tears rolled down from Amma’s eyes. She expressed her wish to visit the serene Mannarkkad. My husband assured her that in the coming summer vacation we would definitely explore the serene hill station and also try to locate her dearest friend Sita.

When we surfed on the internet we came to know about many other notable attractions in Mannarkkad. We decided to explore the place by purchasing the tour packages from Gogeo Holidays, a leading travel planner in Kerala. They provide many offers such as they curate packages at reasonable rates with exciting offers. Travellers always worry about how to communicate with locals especially with the tribal communities who only know the Malayalam language. To wipe your worries Gogeo Holidays have arranged a tour guide who will be with you throughout your trip. The benefit of visiting Mannarkkad is not only to capture mesmerizing images of nature but also satiate hunger by tasting scrumptious delicacies of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala dishes.

Unveiling the Mystery of Menstruating Idol of Lord Parvathi at Pathanamthitta

Kerala is one of the famous states in the country. There are several factors that make the state so popular. One among them is the shallow rivers, tranquil backwaters, and luxurious houseboat cruises, the sprawling green meadows of tea, coffee, and spices covering the breath-taking bare mountains and bowl-shaped valleys and many more. Traversing through the lanes of historic monuments will help to unveil the curtains of ancient colonial days and trading systems. Visiting the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and bird sanctuaries will help you to mingle with various species of birds and animals. The fascinating charm of cascading waterfalls burbling on the rocks can be viewed from the spectacular tree houses located in the midst of the forest. Kerala has always been a favourite destination among travellers. People often say that Kerala is an exquisite destination to rejuvenate and refresh. The soothing climate, serene nature, the breath-taking hill stations and the air over there carries many medicinal properties that help a normal person to unwind.

Hundreds of travellers flock to the state to enjoy the charm of beguiling nature. The eccentric culture and heritage make the state a unique gem in the country. Some chose Kerala for tailoring their romantic days while others visit the state to make use of the adventure locations like mountains, rocks, and shallow waters. It is also seen people accompanying their family to visit the state as they consider the state a perfect study centre to learn the ancient days where the royal family ruled the common people. Not like the olden days, now many travel planners come forward with exciting tour packages to stitch Kerala to people’s favourite memorable travel destinations. Nowadays many people form a group and visit the state. It is told that availing of trips in a group will accentuate thrill and excitement. There are many places in the state that grabs the hearts of visitors. One such place in the state is Pathanamthitta.

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Pathanamthitta is one of the fabulous districts situated in the southern portions of Kerala. The place is also known as the land of spirituality and mysticism. The district is an amalgamation of high land, midland, and low land. It is also known as the spiritual capital of Kerala. The district is famous for various kinds of handicraft products such as Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror. Keeping this mirror in the house indicates welcoming good fortune. To study more about the ‘Vaastu Shastra’ strolls through the streets of ‘VaastuVidhyaGurukul’.  Pathanamthitta is positioned at an elevation of 914 meters from the sea level and situated on the banks of Achankovil River. The most famous pilgrim centre Sabarimala is situated in the hearts of the district. While keeping the feet on the land of Ayyappan one could feel the spiritual power. The place is an abode of amazing species of birds and animals. Birds such as peacock, Kingfisher, woodpecker, sunbird, Great Indian hornbill and Malabar hornbill and animals such as elephants, monkeys, giant squirrel, tigers, guars, deer, bear, and lion-tailed macaques and barking deer are commonly seen over there. At Konni forest Reserve one can see huge wooden cages where elephants are trained. There are many significant destinations that can be inculcated in your itinerary. By strolling down the paragraphs one can understand the prominent places in Pathanamthitta.

Thriveni Sangamam

As the name suggests it is the place where three rivers namely Manimala River in the northern side and Achankovil River on the western side together combine and flow with the holy river Pamba. The Pamba River is also called as ‘The Ganges of South India’ or ‘Dakshina Ganga’. Devotees always stop here and dip in the holy water. It is believed that dipping in the river indicates release from all their sins. Also, there is a belief that King Rajashekhara once got the vision of Lord Ayyappa at the banks of Pamba River and from then it is considered to be holy. Thriveni Sangamam is the most beautiful and perfect place to enjoy the untouched beauty of nature.

Kaviyoor Rock Temple

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It is the only rock temple prevailing in the state. The Lord Hanuman, the Monkey Lord is the presiding deity of the temple. Hence on your Kerala holiday, you can visit many monkeys on the premises of the temple. So don’t forget to include the Kaviyoor Rock temple in your package.

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple

The famous Kaviyoor Mahadeva temple is positioned on the hilltops of Kaviyoor. God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the presiding deities of the temple. The temple is also known as the Thrikkaviyoor temple.  A non- Hindu is exempted from entering the temple. A particular dress code has to be followed by the devotees. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and every year in the month of December and January a festival is held in the honour of Lord Hanuman.


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Famously known as ‘India’s own Mecca’, more than millions of pilgrims annually visit the shrine. It is believed that Lord Parasuraman placed an idol of Lord Ayyappa on the top of the mountain. Traditions such as Sramana, Shaivism, Shaktism, and Vaishnavismare fashioned together are practised in Sabarimala. The temple was infamous until 2018 for banning females from age 12-50 from entering the temple. The temple is open on the first five days of Malayalam month.

Chengannur Mahadeva Temple

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Have you ever heard an idol menstruating? It is very hard to believe but it happens on a monthly basis at the ChengannurMahadeva temple. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are the presiding deities of the temple. There is a mythological story revolving around the temple. During the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati, all the other gods went to participate in the ceremony and therefore there was no one to take care of the earth. Hence Lord Brahma asked sage Agastya to take care of the earth. Hence he came to the southern parts and protected the planet. After the wedding when Lord Shiva and Parvathi came to visit the sage Agasthy, Lord Parvathi was menstruating and hence she had to wait for a few days to meet the sage. The place where lord and sage met is the place where Mahadeva temple was constructed. The idols are covered with a white cloth. It is the duty of the priest to check whether the cloth has any bloodstain if so, the eldest lady of the Brahmin family from where the priest hails checks and confirms that she idol is menstruating. Hence the idol of Lord Parvathi will be shifted to a Sanctorum and the temple will be closed for 4 days. On the 4th day, the idol will be taken to Holy Pamba for bathing it. And this process is called Thirupooth Aratu.

There are many places in the district that could be visited on your tour to Kerala. To make your trip more thrilling, book the packages from Gogeo Holidays. So don’t waste your time. Grab the package as soon as possible.

Unearthing the Hidden Honeymoon Destinations of Nilambur in Kerala: A Travelogue from Delhi to the God’s Own Country

South of France is unaffordable to us, so is the Cape Town of South Africa to have opted as our Honeymoon destination. Yet another domestic location of Goa, Ooty or Nainital will obviously not be listed by us, as we had already been to those places with our families and friends earlier in our separate lives. Then finally, the prospective option of Kerala as travel destination had never struck us until one of the aunts of my dear wife is married to a Malayali Uncle had invited us to visit them on any of our leisure time. I still remember, even after our marriage, that name of Nilambur was somewhere in my mind. When I discussed this with my better half, she said that they are actually settled somewhere in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Then it was the time for some utter confusion. Then why did he mention the name of Nilambur in even in those casual ice-breaking talks with me?

This was haunting my thoughts for a while. With the sole of knowing more about the thing he had said, I did search somebody named Ravi.K.Nair on in the friend’s list of my wife’s Facebook account. The moment I found him, I quickly sent him a request and started chatting online. Just like any Mallu I meet, I also found Ravi Uncle to be a very friendly guy. Therefore, in our later conversations, he clarified that their home is at Mukkam in Kozhikode district. Moreover, he had informed that Nilambur was so mentioned in the talks as it is a beautiful location yet not much unexplored among the usual travellers to Kerala. Consequently, he added that even when we are planning to visit the place for honeymoon, it would be unlikely to find any tour packages based on them. However, we luckily found a tour company called Dream Holidays. Moreover, very pleasantly, they agreed to customize one of their honeymoon tour packages to cover more locations in Nilambur, rather than following that typical romantic stuff.

Once scheduling our dates with the tour company, we were in the land of Kerala at the Calicut International Airport that is the nearest to Nilambur. We boarded an evening Indigo flight with a layover of around half an hours in Mumbai. It was almost approaching midnight when we arrived at the airport. Without waiting much in the lobby, we got to meet the tour executive of the company we had booked with. He introduced himself as Thomas Kurien, he is basically from Tamil Nadu, yet from the very first meeting, and he seemed to be an efficient guy. As we already had a light dinner in the flying time itself, we just needed to doze off for some time. We reached the resort at 2 in the morning and completed the checked-in process quickly. Consequently, we were preceded by a room with a balcony. We could not find anything outside, as it was utter darkness.       

After a sound sleep in the cosy room, it was my beautiful wife who woke me up in the eventful day. As the weather was a bit cold especially when I walked up to the balcony, it was a spectacular view of small natural spring flowing slowly. I don’t know if it was for viewing such a sight, I was feeling reluctant to take a bath. However, she compelled me to do so. If ignored whatever she had ordered she will be moody for the entire day. I did not want to ruin our honeymoon trip right from the first day from the very first venture. So after our refreshments, we waited for Thomas in the Reception of the resort. When he came, he handed us a brochure kind of things, in which it was listed the travel spots and activities we are to be indulged in. There was the visit to Teak Museum, Conolly’s plot and Adyanpaara and the activities consisted of a trek to Nedumkayam rainforest.

Walking past the bamboo installations and beautifully set garden area, stepped on to the sophisticated museum. I think it was for the first that, I am visiting a museum exhibiting and promoting solely a single species of tree that is the majestic hardwood teak tree. From there we gained a lot of information obviously about teak, agricultural tools. We also got to know that the largest ever teak tree of the whole world is in Kerala!  It can be seen at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and is known as ‘Kannimara.’

Later, from Butterfly Park situated adjacent to the museum, my lovely wife was not willing to return as she was startled by the illuminating animations of thousands of butterflies together. Then we moved slowly to the Bio-Resource Nature Park which was a bounty of hundreds of both medicinal and ornamental plant. We were dumbstruck when realizing the expansiveness of the park. After those meaningful visits, Thomas asked us to be ready for clicking as many pictures for our honeymoon.

We were next approaching to the large teak plantations, otherwise called as Conolly’s plot that can be reached after crossing a hanging bridge which is one the longest hanging bridge of Kerala.  Moreover, such an estate is not only the oldest one in Kerala but also in the entire world.  Thomas was right! We clicked numerous pictures from the bridge when it was approaching sunset. It is the River Chaliyar, which is flowing beneath this exotic suspension bridge. The final tourist destination of our tour in Nilambur was the spellbinding Adyanpaara Waterfalls.

After a drive sparing 45 minutes of drive in our allotted cab from our resort (the same time is taken to reach our home from the main city of New Delhi), we reached the foothills of the waterfalls. Such a facility was available to us only because we were vacationing in customized honeymoon tour packages. As we were a bit tired after the time consuming walking in museums and teak plantations the previous day, we were trekking slowly in the forested path. The views of the alluring cascading waters caught our attention quite abruptly, as they cannot be fetched initially. Thomas said that the locals do believe that the water of Adyanpaara is filled with medicinal properties and is also purified. With a refreshing dip in the cold waters, we put curtains to our eventful honeymoon trip.