A Breakfast Meeting Determined Our Christmas Vacation

As tomorrow is second Saturday and it is already declared as an official holiday for all public and non-public organizations and also to schools in India, I completed almost all the household chores today itself so that I could wake up late in the morning. The next day I woke up at 7.30 in the morning and went to the kitchen to begin my daily battle, but to my surprise, my husband was busy preparing tea and bread toast for breakfast. The lovely image of a hardworking husband made my day.  I was very pleased and happy. Like a romantic husband, he kept the cups of tea and bread toast with spicy and sweet tomato ketchup on a tray and asked me to move to the front of the house so that we could enjoy the beauty of nature while savouring breakfast.

While having morning meals we shared some gossips of our offices which actually added more spice than the tomato ketchup!!! Suddenly we saw one of our neighbours, Ravi passing by. As it is a long time we have interacted with our neighbours, my hubby called him to join us for the morning meals. I offered him a cup of hot tea. While discussing some common topics he asked us whether we have any plans for long vacations as the summer holidays are commencing soon. Till now we haven’t thought about it. When we asked about their plans he replied they are planning to visit a nearby hill station for the summer but planning a splendid vacation in the month of December to Dubai. I just asked him why they don’t change the destinations. Dubai which is far away from our country needs more time to explore and it would be the right choice to visit in the summer. He smiled and asked me whether I have the habit of reading newspapers. I wondered why he asked so and before I could say anything my husband interrupted the conversation by saying she spends most of her leisure time surfing social media and rarely finds time to watch the news channels. As support to my husband, he added that it is a common issue in all houses and also said that there is a purpose for visiting the city in the month of December. I inquired about the matter.

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While sipping the hot tea he said it is for the first time Dubai is hosting a mega Expo which will last for 6 months and it will be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) countries. Oh! Just for watching mere and cheap exhibitions are you crazy to avail of a Dubai tour package, I teased him. He replied that it is not just a mere exhibition. It is a platform where more than 200 participants from 192 countries will be participating to showcase their extraordinary talents. One could experience the marvellous works from art, culture, technology, geography, science, and innovation. With Expo 2020 you will move further to inspire the next generation by grasping the future scope of brilliant innovations.

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By hearing it I was very excited and asked him whether it was for the first time in the world the expo is being held. My hubby who reads journals replied it is not for the first time the world expo is being held in London known as The London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 was the world’s first expo. The mega expo is held once in 5 years and the last expo was organized in 2015 in Milan. World Expos are mainly regulated by an intergovernmental organization named The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) formed in 1928. On 2013 November 27th, the UAE was elected to host World Expo 2020. Before having the next bread toast he added that this time the theme for the World Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and with sub-themes as ‘Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability’.

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 I was curious to know more about it. I asked Ravi whether they have started the preparations for the same. He told me that since 2016 the whole of Dubai is running behind the Dubai Expo. As part of the Expo, the first thing which they did in 2016 was they designed the logo. The logo comprised of a ring that was taken from the Saroug Al Hadeed archaeological site. As part of the expo lakhs of travellers will be visiting the city and won’t the traffic will be congested I asked to quench my curiosity. My hubby replied to it, The Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be sprawled in 4.38 square kilometres in the South District of Dubai which is close to Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport and also Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals. Also, a special metro station will be dedicated to Expo 2020 in Dubai.

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I expressed my wish of participating in the expo to my husband also shared my anxiety that our kids are small and will not be able to enjoy the expo to its full extent. As an answer to it, Ravi replied, the expo is not only completely dedicated to stupendous innovations abut also gives equal prominence to all the sectors. Such as more than 60 theatre performances will be played per day with various live music concerts, flash mobs, and national day celebrations. Apart from these, you can spice up your taste buds from gastronomy sections. Along with it, you can also purchase many items that are officially licensed at reasonable rates from more than 100s of licensees. Obviously, if you have small kids you will not be able to enjoy the shopping. Therefore the Dubai Expo 2020 has made several arrangements. Such as you can safely indulge your kids in various games at Al Forsan and Jubilee parks. Hearing to his reply we were relaxed even if we availed of the tickets our kids will not be bored. My husband had anxiety that as the Dubai Expo 2020 has already gained much prominence, all the tickets would have been sold out. But he replied the tickets will be officially available from April 2020 and even he is desperately waiting for the same. A single-day ticket for an adult will cost Dh120 (USD 33) i.e. Rs.2342 whereas a three-day pass is available which can be utilized any of the 3 days of 6 months of the expo and the cost for it is Dh260 (USD 71) i.e. Rs. 5074. 

He also added that to avoid last moment’s hurry burry it would be better to avail of packages from travel operators like Dubai Tour Trawell. As he is going to avail of their tour packages he asked whether we are willing to join them. Reading the willingness from my face my hubby partially agreed to it and told him that he will confirm it within a week after discussing it with the manager at water authority in Hyderabad, the place where we currently reside. Availing the package to Dubai in the month of Christmas will not only help us to enjoy the expo but also allows us to participate in the New Year programs.

Suddenly my phone ranged. I went to my room for attending the call. The moment I saw the name of the caller I ran to the front of my house and told that it was Mrs Ravi’s call. Only then we realized that it going to be noon and no wonder why she called us. Ravi asked to attend the call and tell that he has left our house now only as he was repairing our switchboard so that he can escape from his wife’s scoldings. We smiled and I said the same to his wife. Also, I told him it would be better to carry some chocolates and a bouquet of flowers to reduce her temper. He smiled and agreed to do it.

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