A Diwali Shopping That Stimulated Us to Book Dubai Tour Packages

We all were eagerly waiting for the exams to get over. You might be thinking it would be our annual exam and that is why we are very impatient. Before you think more about it. Let me clarify one thing it was not our annual exams but it was our quarterly exams or more commonly known as Diwali exams. I hope now you might have understood the reason why we were desperately waiting for our exams to finish soon. In our school, most of our friends had already bought new dresses for Diwali and they said they will wear it for the Diwali Celebration in our school. When we shared the matter to our parents they said to wait till the last day of the exam. Usually, on the previous day of the exam, we used to do rigorous preparation but this time I and my brother were discussing which dress to purchase and which colour it should be and so on. It is a normal practice soon after the exams we used to go out with our friends to play football and cricket. But on that day I still remember I and my brother were busily engaged in household chores such as cleaning the floor, bedrooms, arranging things in a proper manner and so on. At 6 pm our parents arrived from offices and were surprised to see the house so clean and tidy and that too on the final day of the exam. For a moment they thought they have wrongly stepped into some other’s house. They said that even though we had done all these good activities to bribe them, they really appreciate their effort and expect us to continue the same in the future. As we were able to impress them, they got ready soon for shopping than they used to be.

We entered into one of the prominent shopping malls of Pune. We used to rarely visit the mall as it is a little far from our house. But this time as they were providing reasonable discount offers so we decided to shop from there. My parents purchased ‘ghagra choli’ for me and ‘sherwani’ for my brother. My mother bought lightweight ‘Kancheepuram saree’ and my dad bought lightly decorated ‘sherwani’ for him. After purchasing the dresses we entered fireworks shops and bought various kinds of crackers. By then we were so tired that without wasting a single moment we entered into one of the fine restaurants of the malls to satiate our hunger. Over there we accidentally met our family friend Shekhar Uncle and Purva Aunt. My dad invited them to join us for dinner. Our parents were deeply immersed in the conversation with them and within minutes our chicken fried rice was served on our table. Its aromatic scent started testing our patience. But our mother, through eye gestures asked us to wait until Shekhar Uncle’s and Purva Aunt’s dishes arrive. Sometimes seeing her powerful eye gestures reminds me of the performances of Kathakali artists. Even though we obeyed their commands we were a little bit upset with them. But we didn’t express our emotions in front of our guests. Our parents continued their talk. Aunt invited us to the conversation by inquiring about our school matters. When compared to us they had done heavy shopping and my mother asked do they have any plans to go for a tour. They both together nodded their heads with a smile. Shekhar Uncle told us they are planning for a Dubai tour. My dad asked them when they are planning to fly. It would by the end of December. I thought about why they are waiting until the month of December and also what special is there to see. I don’t know how my dad understood my thoughts to my surprise he asked the same question to uncle and aunty. They said it is because they wanted to participate in the well-renowned Dubai shopping festival and it is held every year from January to February. For that, they had already availed of the tour packages from the famous travel operator Dubai Tour Trawell. Within minutes uncle and aunt’s dishes arrived. By savouring the delicacies I and my brother were discussing the Dubai shopping festival as it for the first time we were hearing the name. Hearing to our whisper Uncle inquired and explained more about it.

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 The Dubai shopping festival (DSF) is the annual festival of Dubai which is held every year. The festival was officially started in the year 1996. The festival comprises of 100+ shops run by various nationalities. Travellers could purchase antiques, utensils, jewellery, and dresses belonging to different nations at cheap rates. So if only shopping centres will be available at the festival then what will one do if he feels hungry? All of us smiled at his innocent question and Purva aunt replied don’t worry kids like you can fill your tummies with scrumptious delicacies as an array of gastronomy stores will be opened there. I just wanted to know apart from DSF is there any other festival which is celebrated globally. Yes, of course, my dad replied. The other most famous festival is the Dubai International Film Festival which is abbreviated as DIFF. The festival was started in the year 2004. It hosts many academy-award nominated movies from various languages. It not only attracts artists but also many cinephiles, volunteers, viewers and so on. It also acts as a platform for question and answers sections, special appearances and presentations DIFF is treated as one of the best film festivals across the globe.

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The other most important festival in Dubai is the National day festival. What is the national day festival I asked them? My mother said just as we celebrate Independence Day on the 15th August every year to commemorate independence from the British. Likewise, they also celebrate their Independence Day as a national day on December 2nd every year to honour their freedom struggle with Great Britain. Like us, they celebrate their national day with many cultural and traditional art forms. Flash mobs, stage performances and so on. Dubai Jazz festival, Dubai Marathon, UAE desert challenge, Dubai World cup, Dubai Tennis Championship, Art Dubai are the few prominent festivals held in Dubai every year. Not only Dubai citizens but people all over the world are attracted by the colourful festivals. I and my brother were really thrilled by the conversation. Uncle said that it is not too late even we can avail of the tour packages by Dubai tour Trawell. My parents said that some of our relatives are residing in Ahmedabad, therefore, they wanted to discuss with and ask them whether they would like to join us for an exotic trip. Anyways one thing was confirmed our family will definitely avail of packages to DubaiFrom that day onwards I and my brother started to tailor those mesmerizing days in our dreams. We are desperately waiting for that auspicious day.

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