Celebrating a Fabulous Honeymoon at an Unexplored Destination – Kumbalangi

“So you guys got married! Now what’s your plan about the honeymoon? Have you selected any places for your romantic trip”? Such questions would be frequently heard by all the newly married couples. To proudly say we also fall in that group. More than us it was our family and friends who were very eager to send us for a honeymoon trip. Whenever we visit our relative’s house the first thing they ask us was about our honeymoon. Now it has become a custom of uploading honeymoon pictures on various social media websites. It has been half a year none of our outdoor photographs was available on any social media. And this irritated our relatives and buddies. We were finally put up with them and hence decided to plan a fabulous honeymoon. When anybody hears the word fabulous romantic trip, the first image that will appear on their mind will be a short tour comprising of more than 2 or 3 days. Such trips are possible to the couples whose companies are generous in providing leaves. But as we were both IT professionals getting leave for 3 or 4 consecutive days was practically impossible. Therefore we decide to cut short our honeymoon days. We organized our honeymoon trip on weekends and that too in our own state, Kerala. To our luck, the very next Monday was a public holiday in Kerala. Now the most important section of the tour comes. It is nothing but finding a perfect destination for weaving our romantic tales.

Honeymoon usually happens soon after marriage and it is done to break the wall of differences between each other. But for us even without going for honeymoon we became closer. The main purpose of a honeymoon for us is to get relief from all kinds of stresses and tensions. When we hear the word honeymoon the few destinations in Kerala comes into our minds are Munnar, Kumarakom, Thekkady, Kollam, Wayanad, and Silent Valley and so on. But unfortunately, we both have visited almost all these destinations during our school and college life. So we both did not want to revisit these places again and spoil our vibes. We were started to surf on the internet for the least explored destinations. Our surfing did not give us any good results. We were really disappointed. We had no idea what to do? At that time my hubby switched on the TV and accidentally we got the chance to view the famous Malayalam movie called ‘Kumbalangi Nights. The serene nature, tranquil backwaters dazzling at night in blue colours, palm-fringed trees swaying in the cool breeze and local people engaging themselves in traditional works and so on lured our hearts. The picturesque landscape propelled us to select the Kumbalangi for our honeymoon. Now comes another hurdle. It is related to travel operator and packages. We were totally confused about whose packages should be selected. We discussed our honeymoon plans with our close friends. They introduced the travel operator called Dream Holidays. It was for the very first time we were hearing the name of Dream Holidays. We were reluctant to purchase their packages but our friends shared many testimonials of the travellers who availed their packages previously. We were impressed with the testimonials and hence decided to avail of their packages.

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As we were permanently residing in Kerala we decided to travel by train so that we could reduce the transportation cost. Hence while purchasing the honeymoon packages we excluded flight charges and made it affordable and cheapest. We get down at Ernakulum station. It is one of the busiest stations in Ernakulum and mainly because of the IT Park – Infopark. It took more than a couple of minutes to escape from the crowd the moment we stepped down from the station our tour guide was eagerly being waiting for us with name cards on his hand. He greeted us with a garland and asked us to follow towards the cab. As we were proceeding we were designing several images of cabs in our minds. To our surprise, a white coloured swift desire was desperately waiting for us! We entered into the cab. Just like the exterior, the interior of the cab was well-conditioned. We were astonished by its facilities. Inside the cab, our tour guide became the driver. Kumbalangi was located at a distance of 15 km from Ernakulum railway station. The moment we reached the destination the fresh cool breeze stole our tiredness and made us energetic. At the reception, we saw many newly married couples were waiting to enter their details on the computer. We had already demanded a room in the floating resort. As per our request, we were allocated the same. The speciality of the floating resort is it’s one of the floors of the three-tier resort is underwater. We relaxed for a while and by evening we started our exploration.

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Kumbalangi is a hamlet surrounded by backwaters. Sailing on a cruise helped us to become a part of nature. Nearly 40 Chinese fishing nets could be seen in the place. The backwaters are enriched with aquatic organisms such as prawns, oysters, and crabs and so on. We along with expert fishermen did angling. It was really a wonderful experience. Even though the small Island is well connected to town through tarred roads, no one is interested to utilize it. All rely on houseboats. More than the locals it is the foreigners and national tourist who loves to sail in houseboat cruises. It is always said that ‘when you are in Rome you should be a roman’ and it is cent per cent true. We also wore the same kind of dress as the locals had worn and started to weave coconut husks with the ordinary people. They use these weaved coconut husks for thatching roofs. Followed to it we visited the famous ‘Kalagramam’. Over there ancient fishing equipment is kept. As aforementioned, the place became famous through the movie- Kumblangi Nights. In the movie, the presence of bioluminescence is well shown. It is known as ‘Karavu’ in the Malayalam language. We were also very keen to observe the magical illumination in the water hence we waited till late evening to witness it. Like us, many newly married couples were also there to catch the glimpses. We captured its photograph as well as video and saved in our phone.

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On the next day by afternoon, we left our home town. Thank you Dream Holidays for making such a wonderful itinerary.

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