Thalassery – A Perfect Place for Newly Married Couples to Celebrate their Honeymoon

Kerala is a land of unique culture and heritage. More than lakhs of people survive in this small state with various religions and caste. The state is always being appreciated for its cent per cent literacy.  There was a time when people feared to visit the state and explore its untouched beauty and charm. And the main reason was the presence of wild animals and poisonous reptiles. More than the wild animals the state was once ruled by superstitions. The over belief in superstitions ruined many innocent lives. Through the strong defensive movements taken by the powerful kings and many social reformers, the state got a good image. Slowly the state started to grow in various sectors. Like any other state and nation, Kerala also concentrated on the tourism sector. The state very well knew that to enhance the economic stability one will have to showcase the awesome serene nature to the world. The main two factors that helped the state to boost their economy are unexplored hill stations and Ayurveda treatments. It is through the Ayurveda treatments thousands of travellers from various corners of the world started to visit the state. Through them, the state gained publicity. Now not only the international travellers, by many Indians from various parts of the nation avail of tour packages to enjoy the beguiling nature. Many people select the state for their ‘mini-vacation’. Nowadays many newly married couples decide to celebrate their golden and most awaited honeymoon days in Kerala. The reason is none other than captivating hill stations and luring backwaters. The state is a paradise for adventure lovers. It is believed nearly 40% of the places are yet to be explored. Who knows you will be the lucky person to get the title of discovering hidden place! So get ready for the title. Now let us come to the point. In this document, I would like to introduce the most famous place situated in the northern parts of the state called Thalassery. It is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Kerala. The city is famous for its mouth-watering Biryani. Can you imagine hundreds of people flock to the place only to relish the scrumptious Biriyani! From the following paragraphs, we could learn some interesting facts about Thalassery.


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Thalassery is one of the captivating towns situated in Kannur district. The district is famous for its political activities. Thalassery is also known as ‘Tellicherry’ – which means ‘the starting of settlements’. The word has been derived from the Dravidian language. Thalassery was once a trade hub for Dutch, Portuguese, French, Arab, Chinese and Europeans. The place is also prominently known as ‘the city of 3 C’s’- cakes, circus and cricket. There would be no traveller in the district who would return to his homeland without tasting the delicious sweets and meals. Thalassery cuisine is an amalgamation of Arab, Indian, Persian, and European styles of cooking.

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What enhanced the economic stability of the district is the 3c’s. Thalassery is very proud to be known as the land of the first cricket ground in India during the colonial period. Many people from various corners used to reach the place to catch the glimpses of cricket and also to explore the magnificent charm of nature. Lord Arthur Welsley inaugurated the first cricket town club in Thalasserry in 1850. The town still hosts Ranji trophy cricket competitions. In the year 2002 they celebrated 200th anniversary of the town cricket club.

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The place is also the birthplace of circus companies like Gemini, Bharath, and so on. Keeleri Kunhikannan known as the ‘father of Indian circus’ was born in this place. And the final category is the bakery shops where one could savour varieties of sweets made in various styles. Unnakkaya, Kallumakkaya nirachathu, falooda, Malabar beef roast and so on are the popular sweets and dishes available in the avenues of Thalassery.

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There are many places in Thalassery that creates heaven for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon days. Couples who avail of tour packages to Kerala will not regret as there are many mind-blowing places in the town which can be explored at cheapest rates.

Dharmadan Thuruth is a small Island lying in the middle of Arabian Sea. Couples by sitting under the shadow of coconut trees can share their feelings and emotions. It is also a home to migratory birds. Near to the Island lies the famous Muzhappilangad beach. It is the only beach in Kerala where travellers are allowed to ride bikes and other vehicles. And the eye-catching attraction is the Dharmadam beach.

Thalassery fort or Tellicherry Fort is an ancient monument situated on the beaches of Thalassery beach. It is a rocky cliff. It was built by the British in the year 1703 to show their imperial powers. For many years until getting freedom the foreigners used the fort for their official matters. The fort is built in square shape using laterite stones. Associated to the fort lies the famous sub-collector’s house, Brenenn cemetery and St. Rosary church. The fort has played a vital role in Pazhassi Raja movie in the Malayalam language.

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Thalassery piers were built in olden days when large ships were unable to land the shores. Now it has become one of the major piers in Kerala.

Gundert Bungalow is one of the praiseworthy attractions in Kannur. It is the place where writer Dr Herman Gundert made the first Malayalam Dictionary during the period 1839 to 1859. Now the residence is a training institute for technical courses.

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