Celebrate a Remarkable Holiday at Vembanadu Lake

Bengaluru or Bangalore is the dream destination of every IT aspirants in India. Most of the youngsters opt computer science or electronics for their graduation degree and try their best to grab a job in Bangalore so that they can lead a good standard of living for the rest of the life. It is said that Bangalore is one of the best places in India to enjoy both luxurious as well as comfortable life. It is only place in the nation that gives a plethora of opportunities to explore the modern world. For the initial few months, most of the youngsters may enjoy the modern ambience of the city. But as days pass they may get frustrated with the chaos of the city life, stress from the office and neighbours and many more make them irritated. Later they will be in search of places that could gift them enough peace and joy. Most of the metro people like to choose places such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and so on to enjoy their weekends. But selecting those places will empty your pockets. To them let me ask a question Why don’t you select places that are eco-friendly and cost-effective? There are many places in the nation that serves as a paradise for stressed people and one such place is Kerala, the neighbouring state of Bangalore. Kerala is an abode of natural resources. Every year more than thousands of travellers visit the state to enjoy the serene beauty and relaxes their minds in the calm ambience. There are many places that are imbibed with natural resources. To capture the stupendous beauty of the scenic nature many national and international travellers avail of tour packages at cheap prices to the state. The famous holiday destinations in the state are Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Bekal fort, Beypore, and so on. There might be only a few who haven’t visited the hill stations. But it is quite sure that most of the travellers would not have stepped into the houseboats that sail in the backwaters. Houseboats are the modern cruises that move through the backwaters of the state. Backwaters are mainly seen in southern districts of Kerala. In ancient times the houseboats were used for selling products from one place to other. Later understanding the scope of houseboats and backwaters in enhancing the tourism in Kerala, authorities inculcated the houseboat voyages in the tourism. The famous backwaters that enable the tourist to enjoy their holidays are Vembanadu Lake, Ashtamudi Lake, Achnakovil Lake and so on. Vembanadu Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state. It offers wide choices to indulge in nature activities. In the following sections, one could learn more about Vembanadu Lake and its nearby noteworthy attractions.

Vembanadu Lake is famous for its turquoise waters and sapphire beauty. The lake is mainly situated in the Alleppey districts. The lake is known in different names in various regions. In Kottayam, it is known as Vembanadu Lake and in Alleppey, it is called as Punnamada Lake. In the city of Kochi, it is called Kochi Lake. Does anybody which is the best method to explore the scintillating beauty of the lake? It is none other than the houseboats. Most of the people who visit the state will definitely dedicate at least 2 to 3 hours in exploring the backwaters. Strolling the nature-oriented places will be the most highly demanding activity for the metro people especially from Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. As aforementioned the metro cities might satisfy all the needs and desires of the human beings but it cannot refresh one’s mind with the latest technology and that is the main reason why metro people flock to nature-oriented places like Kerala by budget tour packages at cheap prices. Now let us come back to the point. Most of the people love to witness the beauty of rising and setting of the sun and hence try to capture the same avail of the houseboat packages for the night and enjoy the calm ambience of nature with the little ray of light originated from twinkling stars. Along with it some of the houseboats will entertain your hearts with classical dance performances and enlarge your little tummy with delicious traditional food items. Soon after viewing the sunrise travellers can start their exploration. First, they can move to the famous bird sanctuary situated at Kumarakom the sanctuary shelters hundreds of lovely and innocent birds and also a few species of migratory birds. Some of the famous birds that are seen over there are Brahminy kite, cuckoo, flycatcher, egret and so on. People always comment that the sanctuary is a haven for bird spotters. In the Kumarakom village, travellers could interact with many local communities by sailing in the kettuvalloms. There are many regions associated with the lake where large houseboat could not enter. Sitting in the canoes and rowing the blades will offer you remarkable moments. Also, you can spot small kids engaged in playing games such as ‘kuttiyum kolum’, ‘hide and seek’, ‘hitting marble stone’, and so on. Followed to travellers could move to visit the most popular island called Pathiramanal Island. In Malayalam language Pathiramanal means ‘Sands of Night’. The archipelago is known as the haven for nature enthusiasts. Travellers could embark beautiful birds in the crystal clear sky. Over there one could spot local fishermen catching the catfishes with bare hands. Visitors can soothe their eyes by viewing the lush green forest and serene nature. The peculiarities of these places are that they are not so popular as other tourist destinations in the state. Hence travellers hailing from crowded places could relieve their stress and tensions in these remote areas.

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