Traverse the Lanes of Kottayam with Your Dear Ones

Kerala popularly known as God’s own country is a heaven of natural wonders. Hundreds of travellers every year visit the iconic state and marvel their hearts by viewing natural resources. Words are insufficient to describe the stupendous beauty of the state. The state comprises of 14 districts and each district is known for its unique beauty and traditions. For example, the cultural capital of Kerala is known as Thrissur. Likewise, Kottayam district is known as ‘the city of letters’ and is the only district that gained the cent per cent literacy in Kerala for the first time. There are many ways to explore the mesmerising beauty of this serene destination. The speciality of Kerala is that the place can be explored by purchasing tour packages at cheap price. The trip can be memorable if you accompany your dear ones. The district is not only famous for educational institutions but also for pilgrim centres. Many travellers’ wishes to traverse the lanes of Kottayam district but always fail without knowing how to start. Therefore I would like to dedicate the document to the enthusiastic travellers to explore this scintillating district of Kerala.

As mentioned earlier the district is known as ‘the city of letters’ it gave birth to many eminent writers for the Malayalam language such as Vaikom Mohammed Basheer and so on.

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When people hear the name of Kottayam the first image that runs into their mind is none other than the pilgrim centres dedicated to the saint Alphonsamma at Bharananganam. Followed to it one could find many prominent pilgrim centres like Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple and so on. The district also shelters the famous Poonjar Palace.

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Don’t think that the place carries only spiritual centres and your trip will be a kind spiritual journey. It is nothing like that Kottayam also presents an array of exhilarating hill stations like Illikkalkallu, Vagamon, Ilaveezhapoonchira, and so on. Illikalkallu is one of the mind-blowing hill stations in the district. It is famous for its stupendous hills. The hills of the regions carry a peculiar shape. One of the hills carries the shape of an umbrella and it is known as ‘kudakallu’. The hill resembling the shape of hunchback is widely known as ‘koonkallu’. The breathtaking hill station is situated at a height of 3300 feet from mean sea level.  It is also said that the hill station carries rare medicinal herbal plants called ‘Neela Koduveli’. It is believed that the plant carries supernatural power. The Illikalkallu hill is generally seen in sapphire colour because the Neela koduveli is blue in nature.

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Over there one could see the bridge to hell or ‘narakapalam’. From there, adventure enthusiast can move to the other outstanding hill station called Vagamon. It is known as the paradise of romantic lovers. More than the families it is the newly married couples that select Vagamaon as their destination to celebrate a honeymoon. The place is the perfect place to study paragliding. The tea meadows of the Vagamon serve as a perfect backdrop for clicking lovely photographs. Illikaakllu and Vagamon are the perfect destinations to practise trekking and other adventure events.

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How the beauty of Kottayam could would be complete without mentioning the presence of backwaters. Actually backwaters add beauty to the district. The convenient mode of exploring the backwaters is to sail in the traditional houseboats. Houseboat cruises are available in various parts of the district. Usually sailing in the houseboat will help to learn the exotic marine life and will help to enjoy the scintillating beauty of emerald nature. While travelling in the houseboat you can not only circumnavigate Kottayam district but also the neighbouring districts like Alleppey. When sailing in the houseboat do not forget to visit the famous Chavara Bhavan, and Kuttanad paddy field located in Alleppey district and also the Munroe lighthouse.

The district shelters the famous bird sanctuary called Kumarakom bird sanctuary. It protects more than 100 of various kinds of birds belonging to different species. The perfect time to watch the birds and to enjoy their melodious chirp is by visiting the sanctuary from June to August. If you want to catch the glimpses of migratory birds the best time is the month of November. At that time try to avail of treehouse packages so that you can capture the fascinating images of the forest.

Near to Kottayam, travellers could also see a natural archipelago called Pathiramanal. The locals of the Island are particularly engaged in fishing and farming activities. The fishermen love to catch the fishes using ancient fishing techniques. Strolling through the paths of Pathiramanal one could come across the traditional lifestyle of common people. Travellers could drench in the scintillating waterfalls at Maramala. The water cascades from a great height and mesmerises each and every traveller. The Maramala waterfalls are popularly known as ‘enchantresses of the jungle’.

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There would be no one who doesn’t know about the Sabarimala pilgrim centre. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. It is said that there is an easiest way to reach the Sabarimala from Erumeli, Kottayam. From Erumeli it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the pilgrim centre. Has anyone heard about driftwoods? Probably the answer would be No. Driftwoods are nothing but formed by the reaction of tidal waves and currents over hundreds of years. The driftwoods carry lovely images of human beings, birds and animals. All these could be seen in Bay Island Driftwood museum at Kottayam. The museum is run by a lady who lived in Andaman and Nicobar islands for several years.

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Does anybody know what the occupation of the local people of Kottayam is? It is nothing but agriculture. They cultivate different kinds of crops and mainly focus on rubber plantations. Visitors during their trip can view the local men moving to rubber estates early in the morning and collecting rubber milk and so on. They export the rubber products not only to other districts of Kerala but also to other states of the country and earn good profit from it. By reading the above paragraphs if you think Kottayam is the best destination to celebrate weekend holidays or mini-vacation avail of tour packages from Dream holidays. They formulate packages by inculcating jaw-dropping destinations and including adventure activities like trekking, kayaking, boating, paragliding and jungle safari.

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